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France: Geothermal District Heating Project Starts Up Near Strasborg

Strasbourg: La géothermie profonde va permettre de chauffer 20.000 foyers - Strasbourg: Deep Geothermal Energy Will Heat 20,000 Homes (20minutes)

(Courtesy Illkirch-Graffenstaden)

Avec le lancement du chantier d’une troisième centrale de géothermie profonde, l’Eurométropole compte parmi les agglomérations françaises où la part des énergies renouvelables est la plus importante…

(From Google Translation) With the launch of a third deep geothermal power plant, the Eurométropole is one of the French cities where the share of renewable energy is the largest ...

Construction has started on a geothermal power plant in Illkirch-Graffenstaden, a suburb of Strasbourg. Led by the Electricité de Strasbourg (ES) group, drilling should reach between 3,500 and 5,000 meters.

Kenya: KenGen to Add 158 MW from Olkaria V Geothermal Plant in Next Two Years

KenGen reports profit rise, to add 158 MW capacity in 2019 (News Release)

Well Cleanout. By Piyush Bakane, Ormat.
Taken in Olkaria, Kenya, summer 2017.
GRC Photo Contest 2017.
Kenya's main electricity generator KenGen plans to add 158 megawatts to the grid in the next two years from its planned Olkaria V geothermal plant, it said on Wednesday, after reporting a slight rise in annual pre-tax profit.

Pre-tax profit edged up 2 percent to 11.53 billion shillings ($112 million) for the year to June 30, as higher interest income offset a drop in revenue.

The company has an installed generating capacity of 1,631 MW and aims to add another 721 MW of electricity generating capacity between this year and 2022 at a cost of $2 billion, with most of the energy coming from geothermal sources.

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USA: Ormat Technologies Importing Parts for Geothermal Power Plant

Out of the box: ZIM Carried a special of Geothermal Power Plant unit for Ormat Technologies (American Journal of Transportation)

Zim Luanda, operating on ZIM Container Service Atlantic (ZCA), carried a special consignment of parts for a geothermal power plant for Ormat Technologies Ltd.

The units, each 21 Meters long and weighing 27 Tons, were handled by ZIM’s special cargo experts team. The shipment arrived at New York last week and onward by land to its final destination.

ZIM specializes in handling special cargo with complex operational needs. ZIM’s experts oversee all aspects of shipping throughout the voyage, ensuring the cargo’s fast and safe arrival to its destinations.

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Serbia: Vranskja Banja Geothermal Heat & Power Plant Could be Commissioned Next Year

KS Orka - Serbia´s first geothermal power plant (LinkedIn)

Eiríkur Bragason, CEO at KS Orka

KS Orka aims for commissioning the first geothermal power plant in Serbia in 2018. 

The plant will be a combined heat- and power plant operated in the area of Vranskja Banja in south Serbia. 

The electricity will be provided to the local grid and the heat to the neighboring hospital facility.

From the Global Geothermal News archives:

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Canada: Geothermal Energy Employment Prospects Better than Hydro

Geothermal Would Create 15 Times More Permanent Jobs Than Site C, Panel Told As BCUC Hearings Draw to Close (DeSmog Canada)

Opportunities provided by 21st century renewables, such as geothermal, wind and solar, have either been ignored or the costs over-inflated in BC Hydro documents justifying construction of the Site C dam, the B.C. Utilities Commission Site C Panel was told by presenters during two days of technical briefings.

Speaker after speaker pinpointed holes and inaccuracies in BC Hydro’s math, claiming the bottom line was skewed in favour of building the $8.8-billion dollar dam on the Peace River.

Geothermal power projects are thriving in Oregon and Idaho and the geology does not instantly change at the B.C. border, said Alison Thompson, chair of the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA), pointing to the number of hot springs and drilled natural gas wells in the province, which indicate the presence of geothermal resources.

“So, how much has BC Hydro spent in the last 15 years in exploratory drilling for geothermal resources?” she asked. “We believe this number to be zero.”

Global: GRC Provides The Latest Developments in Geothermal Energy

2017 GRC Annual Meeting Presentations

Some of the presentations from the 2017 GRC Annual Meeting held in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Maria Richards, President of the Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) and Joe Greco, President of the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) address the Opening Session of the GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GeoExpo+ in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA on October 2.
GRC Opening Session Presentation
GRC International Luncheon
GRC International Session

Germany: Geothermal Energy Exhibition in Munich

Ausstellung „Geothermie – Wärme und Strom aus dem Erdinneren“ - Exhibition "Geothermal Energy - Heat and Electricity from the Earth's Interior" (IGA)

16 October – 15 December 2017
Zentrum für Energie und Information, Munich, Germany

Organised by the Geothermal-Alliance Bavaria

Denmark: Additional Injector Well Drilled at 7 MWth Thisted Geothermal Plant

Danish geothermal well successfully completed (News Release)

Geothermal well Thisted-5 completed October 2017

The Thisted-5 geothermal well has just been successfully drilled and completed to a depth of 1,170 metres. Throughout the project, WellPerform, based in Copenhagen, had the leading role as project manager overseeing the engineering work and onsite supervision. Thisted-5 is the first well to be drilled and completed after the release of the geothermal licenses by DONG in 2010. The organisation was set up with Thisted Varmeforsyning as sole operator, WellPerform and Pro-Invest as Technical Advisors.

Thisted Geothermal Plant has an existing doublet (producer and injector pair) that has delivered heat for the district heating since 1984. Thisted-5 will be used as an additional injector well, which will allow for increased water production from the producer.

Germany: Company Uses 56 Degree Celsius Geothermal Waters to Heat Factory

Power from the own harvest (KfW Group)

Heat energy from the earth warms the factory halls at Wipotec

The founder and Managing Director of Wipotec, a world-leading provider of weighing technology,  Mr Düppre, an engineer by profession and still developing weighing technology, discovered a new field of activity: renewable energies. Yet, bucking the trend, he did not focus on potential above the ground, like solar or wind energy, but instead went below the earth:

"For me, geothermal energy at 1,500 to 1,800 metres below the surface is the energy source of the future."

It seems expensive, but Mr Düppre hired a firm from the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, which does without a large drilling rig for such medium-deep geothermal probes and gets by with a lorry as the platform. When looking for funding, Mr Düppre also stumbled upon KfW's "Renewable Energies - Premium" programme: "Without it, we wouldn't have achieved all this."

"All this", at Wipotec, is quite a bit. Beside one of the factory halls there is a concrete cover in the ground. Beneath it there is a pipe that goes 1,500 metres into the sandstone. There, the temperature is 56 degrees. Water flows down through a pipe, is heated, and then returns to the earth's surface at 30 degrees. This runs all of the underfloor heating that is installed in all of the buildings – across a total of 18,000 square metres.

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Taiwan: 11 MW Wujie Geothermal Power Project to be Completed by 2025

Geothermal holds huge promise (Taipei Times)

A comprehensive exploratory survey carried out by researchers estimated that Taiwan has a total geothermal power potential of up to 714 MW.

In April, the Environmental Protection Administration announced that Taiwan’s first geothermal power plant would be built in the Lize Industrial Zone in Yilan County’s Wujie Township (五結). It is estimated that, after construction is completed in 2025, the plant’s electric power generation capacity could reach 11 MW, so that it could supply 800 gigawatt-hours of electricity annually.

According to the plan, 11 geothermal wells are to be drilled in the industrial zone. The plant will use advanced geothermal power generation technology that extracts heat without extracting water. That is to say that water is injected deep into the earth, where it is heated to a high temperature before being circulated through a boiler, heating water in the boiler pipes to produce water vapor that drives a turbine to generate electricity.

This method avoids excessive consumption of geothermal resources, thus continuously sustaining the geothermal power plant’s operating efficiency.

USA, California: Wildfire Near The Geysers Geothermal Field Being Contained

Northern California Wildfires - Update

8:30 am Tuesday, October 17

The Pocket fire, burning to the south-west of The Geysers geothermal field, is now 58% contained. The fire continues to progress to the north. Crews continue to make progress and increase containment.

In all, 41 people have been killed by the wildfires in Northern California - this figure is expected to rise.

There are reports that some GRC Members and others in the geothermal community have lost their homes. Latest Information.........

Our hearts go out to those affected by the devastating 2017 North Bay fires. Redwood Credit Union (RCU), in partnership with the RCU Community Fund, Inc., The Press Democrat, and Senator Mike McGuire, is now accepting financial donations to assist fire victims and aid relief efforts. 100% of your tax-deductible donations will go directly to support those affected. More Information.........

Monday, October 16, 2017

Canada: Abandoned Oil Well to be Used for Geothermal Energy

Geothermal well repurposing project moving ahead (Devon Dispatch)

A project being undertaken by Alberta Geothermal to repurpose suspended oil wells, instead using them to generate geothermal energy. The success of the project could account for 20 per cent of the province's GHG reduction commitments under the Paris Accord.

Alberta Geothermal has already met with Devon town council to discuss setting up their operations in Devon and the surrounding area.

Since Alberta Geothermal has already conducted preliminary research and testing, the following meeting with the premier's office will be held to iron out details, secure necessary licensing and figure out the project's next steps.

USA, California: 43rd Anniversary of the Stanford Geothermal Workshop - Abstracts Due Tomorrow

Stanford Geothermal Workshop - Abstract submissions will close on Tuesday 17th October 2017

February 12-14, 2018, Stanford, California

The goals of the conference are to bring together engineers, scientists and managers involved in geothermal reservoir studies and developments; provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on the exploration, development and use of geothermal resources; and to enable prompt and open reporting of progress. We strongly encourage all scientists and engineers involved in geothermal reservoir technology to attend the workshop.

Topics: Papers will be presented on recent research relating to geothermal reservoirs including:
  • Case Studies: reservoir response to production, effects of injection, scaling characteristics
  • Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS): current and future activities
  • Engineering Techniques: reservoir simulation, empirical methods, well tests, tracers
  • Field Management: strategies for exploitation, injection, scale inhibition
  • Exploration: geophysics, geochemistry, geology, heat flow studies, outflows
  • Drilling and Well Bore Flows: well stimulation, bore flow modeling, hydro-fracturing, scaling
  • Low Enthalpy Systems: applications of heat pumps, hot dry rock technology
  • Geosciences: application of geophysics, geochemistry, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics.

Kenya: Geothermal Heat Used to Dry Maize at Menengai

Utilization of the geothermal resources for drying grains in Kenya (Matís)

(Courtesy Wikipedia Commons)
A new and very interesting project is in its initial phase and takes advantage of how Iceland has used geothermal energy for drying. The project is headed by Matís, an Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D institute, but in partnership with the Geothermal Development Company (GDC) in Kenya. The project receives funding from the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Nordic Development Fund (NDF).

The project overall objective is to market by demonstration the substitution of carbon releasing fuels with geothermal energy in drying of major food product in Kenya, namely maize (over 3 million tons annually) where oil is currently the major energy source. This, if adopted at commercial scale will contribute to the global reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and better control of the drying process.

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Indonesia: 500 kW Lahendong Organic Rankine Cycle Geothermal Power Plant Commissioned

Commissioning of the geothermal low-temperature demonstration power plant in Lahendong, Indonesia (GFZ)

The first geothermal low-temperature demonstration power plant in Indonesia has been successfully commissioned in the Lahendong geothermal field near Pangolombian, North Sulawesi. The demonstration plant is now in test-operation.

The concept of the demonstration power plant has been developed by the Helmholtz Centre Potsdam – GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences in collaboration with the Indonesian project partners BPPT (Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology) and PGE (Pertamina Geothermal Energy).

The Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) demonstration plant is designed to cool down part of the unused geothermal brine from 170°C to 140°C and thus generate electricity. During the test-operation, the temperature of the geothermal fluid is 145°C, which results in an electric power output of approx. 300 kW. In normal operation, an electrical capacity of up to 500 kW shall be reached.

The research and demonstration operation of the low-temperature power plant is to be continued under the leadership of the GFZ until the middle of 2018. The demonstration plant will then be handed over to an Indonesian partner organization.

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Australia: Winton Geothermal Power Plant to Open in December

Town will soon start to run on hot water (The Australian)

Richard Sheedy, a Winton Shire Council engineer, at a bore head where hot artesian water comes out of the ground. Picture: John Elliott
Winton is best known for its abundance of dinosaur fossils but there is something else below the surface drawing attention to the iconic outback town — the harnessing of geothermal energy.

In a pioneering move, Winton Shire Council is on the verge of opening Australia’s largest geothermal energy plant, which will power the town’s key council buildings and potentially the whole community, bringing savings of up to $15 million in energy consumption.

Set to open in December, the Winton geothermal power plant, designed by the consultancy Local Government Infrastructure Services, will avoid changing the geological or chemical composition of water supplies in the region, by using hot water from existing bores which is converted into a sustainable long-term energy source.

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From the Global Geothermal News archives:

USA, California: GRC Board Member Reports from the Geysers Geothermal Field

VIDEO: Officials say Pocket and Tubbs fires not currently threatening Lake County (Lake County News)

In an effort to better illustrate the distance of the fires Tubbs and Pocket fires from Lake County, on Saturday afternoon, District 1 Supervisor Moke Simon and Calpine Director of Engineering Tim Conant - a GRC Board Member -hosted Lake County News on a tour through The Geysers geothermal steamfield, which stretches across 45 square miles in southern Lake County and Northern Sonoma County.

From the ridges in the steamfield, the smoke from both fires was clearly visible, with tankers flying through the Pocket fire area.

Both Brown and Conant explained that the Pocket fire would have to turn around, cross several ridges, hillsides and creeks, and the burn scars or both the Valley fire and last year’s Sawmill fire to reach Lake County.

In the case of the Tubbs fire, the winds were blowing the smoke and the fire away from Lake County.

In the video abelow, they explain the situation and point out the fires’ locations in relation to Lake County.

(Video: 5:26 Minutes)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Geothermal Energy News from Around the World

Global Geothermal News - Weekly Update

A round-up of this week's geothermal energy news....... 

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USA, Utah: Video of the Milford Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy (FORGE) Project

'FORGING' New Geothermal Technologies: Part One (Utah Governor's Office of Energy Development)

Since 2015, the University of Utah's Energy & Geoscience Institute, Utah Governor's Office of Energy Development and other key partners have been leading an effort through the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy (FORGE) program to develop an innovative underground geothermal laboratory near Milford, UT. 

In 2016, the DOE announced $29 million in phase 2 funding for the University of Utah and Sandia National Laboratories in Nevada. Each team has until Spring 2018 to fully instrument, characterize and permit candidate sites for an underground laboratory to conduct cutting-edge research on EGS.

Italy: Algae as Food Supplement Grown Using Geothermal Heat

First greenhouse for algae cultivation heated by geothermal plant launches today (EGEC)

A new greenhouse heated by geothermal energy for the cultivation of Spirulina, a type of algae which is highly nutritious and rich in iron and protein, launches today in Chiusdino, Italy. The innovative pilot project is the first example of geothermal heat supplied by a nearby geothermal power plant and used for Spirulina cultivation.

The greenhouse will use both geothermal heat and carbon-free CO2 from the adjacent geothermal power plant, a product of the geothermal energy production process and a substitute for natural emissions, useful for fostering the cultivation of algae. The project, which is part of an agreement between ENEL Green Power and Co.Svi.G. for experimenting on the uses of geothermal energy in algae cultivation signed earlier this year, aims to demonstrate the possibility of developing high-value commercial cultivation near existing geothermal power plants, therefore increasing the economic impact associated with geothermal energy.

Europe: Conference on Near-surface Geothermal Resources in the Alps

GRETA Midterm Conference

7 November 2017, Salzburg, Austria

The GRETA project aims to demonstrate the potential of Near-surface Geothermal Energy (NSGE) in the Alpine Space and to share knowledge to encourage the integration of this technology into future energy plans. The objective is to contribute to the energetic transition by valorising this renewable energy which is sometimes forgotten and adapt it to the specific stakes of the Alpine area.

The 12 project partners and observers will gather on the invitation of GBA (Geological Survey of Austria) in Salzburg on Tuesday 7 November. With representatives of the public authorities and technicians, they will discuss, amongst other:
  • The chances and challenges for NSGE in the Alpine Space (NSGE mapping, legal requirements…)
  • The project results in the case study areas (Davos - CH, Sonthofen - DE, Leogang - AUT, Parc des Bauges - FR, Cerkno - SLO, Aosta - IT).
The consortium of the project is composed of advanced research center (POLITO, EURAC, University of Basel, Technical University of Munich), National geological survey (of Austria - GBA, Solvenia - GeoZS, France - BRGM), territorial authorities (ARPA Valle d'Aosta, Regione Lombardia, Climate Alliance), and business orientated organisations that promote geothermal solutions (INDURA, Triple-S). They have been working together for a year and a half, using their synergies and are well placed to propose innovative tools (with high scientific added value like potential mapping or socially inventive like regarding the stakeholder engagement).

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USA, Nevada: 20 Parcels of BLM Geothermal Leases On Sale

Notice of Competitive Geothermal Internet Lease Sale (BLM Nevada)

October 24, 8-9 am PST, online at

In accordance with the Geothermal Steam Act, and the BLM regulations at 43 CFR 3200, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is offering 20 parcels for internet-based competitive sale of certain Federal lands containing 38,208.46 acres in the State of Nevada for geothermal leasing.

For more information, contact Jonathan Estrella, Land Law Examiner at (775) 861-6453.

Netherlands: Geothermal District Heating Project Re-started in The Hague

First geothermal station in The Hague in 2018 (News Release)

The green light was given on 7 October for the so-called Haagse Aardwarmtecentrale Leyweg (HAL). Starting next year this geothermal station will supply power to homes in The Hague Southwest.

Cross section under The Hague site. (Courtesy HAL)

The HAL will supply sustainable energy to The Hague Southwest as of 2018 from wells lying more than 2,000 metres under the ground. Between now and the coming 5 years at least 4 geothermal stations will become operational in The Hague. This number will increase to more than 10 stations in the future. Thanks to The Hague’s location, the power can be found just beneath the earth’s surface and this geothermal energy is an excellent source of alternative energy.

The geothermal project in The Hague Southwest is being restarted. The company Haagse Aardwarmte Leyweg (HAL) took over the 2 geothermal wells drilled in 2010 to supply sustainable power to homes in Southwest. The HAL is the first urban-based geothermal station in The Hague and in the Netherlands and is therefore unique.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Turkey: Conference on Environmental Impact of Geothermal Energy

ICEIAGE 2017:19th International Conference on Environmental Impact Assessment and Geothermal Energy (World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology)

26-27 October, 2017, Istanbul, Turkey

The conference aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Environmental Impact Assessment and Geothermal Energy.

It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Environmental Impact Assessment and Geothermal Energy.

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Finland: Drilling at Espoo Geothermal Project Reaches 5,200 Meters

Rotary Drilling at st1 Deep Heat (SMU)

In September 2017 drilling recommenced on the st1 Deep Heat Project in Espoo, Finland. Well OTN-III, which had been drilled to 4,500 m using air drilling, switched to water drilling. Over the course of 60 meters, 3 drill bits were consumed. The decision was made to switch to rotary drilling. Rotary drilling commenced and a “J” incline to 35° began.

After making it through the fault zone, rotary drilling continued. The well is currently at 5,200 m with an inclination of 30°.

The next step is logging of the well from 3,500 m to 5,200 m followed by continued drilling at the 30° incline. The goal is to drill to 6,200 m. Stimulation at 6,200 m is scheduled for December 2017 or January 2018.

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From the Global Geothermal News archives:

USA: Geothermal Power Plants Use Onsite Fuel Supplies

Observation from Ormat Technologies Executive Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs

Global: 45 years of the GRC Bulletin - The Voice of the Geothermal Energy Community

The Latest News from the Geothermal Resources Council (GRC)

Free article from the GRC Bulletin - Volume 46, No. 5 - September/October 2017 

The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) has made available the latest GRC Bulletin, a voice of the global geothermal energy industry, published continuously since November 1972.

The Bulletin is free with GRC Membership or subscribe (PDF) to six issues a year for $90 in the USA or $140 worldwide.

The GRC has generously provided 10 pages from the latest issue for free! However, the full issue is 40 pages!

In this issue, there is an article on Accelerating Geothermal Development in Indonesia and on the Great Potential for Geothermal in Utah, the location for this year's GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GeoExpo+ . Also, there are 10 pages of geothermal news from around the world.

Join the GRC or subscribe to get the complete issue.

New Zealand: Vacancy as Geothermal Geochemist at Mercury

Geothermal Geochemist in Rotorua (Mercury)

Applications close 27 October 2017

An exciting opportunity has become available for a geothermal Geochemist to work with the leading geothermal geoscience team in our Rotorua office. 

As a Geochemist you will plan and execute the Geochemical monitoring program and interpret geochemical data  to assess reservoir processes. You will contribute to reservoir management plans in order to sustain the field performance of Mercury's operating geothermal fields.

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Germany: Potential of Geothermal Energy in the German Energy System

Potenzial der Geothermie im deutschen Energiesystem - Potential of geothermal energy in the German energy system (BMK)

Der Energiemarkt in Deutschland steht spätestens seit dem Einleiten der Energiewende vor großen Veränderungen. Die Bundesregierung strebt einen deutlichen Anstieg erneuerbarer Energieerzeugung an. Im Gegensatz zu der volatilen Stromerzeugung von Photovoltaik und Windkraft, steht mit der Geothermie eine potenziell verlässliche und regelbare Energiequelle zur Verfügung. Der mögliche Beitrag der hydrothermalen Geothermie wurde daher in einer Studie im Rahmen der Geothermie-Allianz Bayern untersucht.

(Based on Google Translation)The energy market in Germany has been undergoing major changes at least since the start of the energy transition. The Federal Government is striving for a significant increase in renewable energy generation. In contrast to the volatile power generation of photovoltaics and wind power, geothermal energy provides a potentially reliable and controllable energy source. The possible contribution of hydrothermal geothermal energy was examined in a study by the geothermal energy alliance in Bavaria.

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Belgium: Good Video Describes Electromagnetic Survey for Geothermal Resources

VITO - EnergyVille: SALK GeoWatt

Video on an electromagnetic survey being carried out in northern Belgium to help determine the size and location of geothermal reservoirs. VITO announced this week the beginning of construction of the Balmatt Geothermal Power Plant.

VITO - EnergyVille: SALK GeoWatt from VITObelgium on Vimeo.

United Kingdom: One Day Geothermal Conference in London

6th UK Geothermal Symposium (The Geological Society)

16 October 2017, Burlington House, London

Over half of UK energy demand is associated with the production of heat and the nation is heavily reliant on gas to produce this yet the UK has been a net importer of gas for over a decade. Geothermal energy offers the UK an opportunity to decarbonise heat supply using a secure resource which is accessible to most regions. Development of geothermal energy also aligns well with government aspirations for future heat supply via heat networks.

The economic and technical risks to geothermal energy growth have driven the search for innovative solutions for accessing geothermal heat and electricity. This includes recovering heat from abandoned mining infrastructure and the promotion of single well systems. The 6th Symposium will celebrate recent progress in geothermal energy development by including a variety of presentations from industry, local government and academia. There will also be ample opportunities for networking during the lunch and the drinks reception.

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USA, California: Wildfires Continue to Devastate Geothermal Energy Community

Wildfires pushing north toward The Geysers (The Press Democrat)

(c. 9:30 am on October 12) In addition to the blazes assaulting Sonoma County’s largest city and the Sonoma Valley, as well as other areas in Napa and Mendocino counties, the smaller Pocket fire was burning in the Mayacamas Mountains east of Geyserville.

The fire, which initially meandered slowly toward the Geysers and Calpine’s geothermal power plants, shifted with the wind. By Wednesday afternoon, fire had charred about 4,000 acres and was uncontained, fueled by strong northerly winds blowing a thick plume of smoke down the valley. As planes and helicopters circled overhead, repeatedly dropping loads of flame retardant and water, the flames jumped the containment lines, moving south toward Moody Lane and Highway 128, Geyserville Fire reported on Facebook.

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Italy: Geothermal Wells Help Scientists Determine Status of Super-Volcano

Will Italy’s Ominous Supervolcano Erupt Soon? (Scientific American)

The Phlegrean Fields offers an intriguing research opportunity because companies drilled almost a dozen geothermal wells there prior to the 1982 fright. No longer used, the wells now allow extensive monitoring, provide direct data about underground characteristics such as temperature and allow researchers to drill cores into the deep interior.

“Having cores is like having a view through a window to a landscape that has been long-covered,” says Tiziana Vanorio, director of Stanford University’s Rock Physics Laboratory. Techniques used in Phlegrean Fields are already being applied at other major volcanoes, including Mount Saint Helens in the U.S., Deception Island in Antarctica, Mount Teide in the Canary Islands and Mount Aso in Japan.

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Kenya: Increased Geothermal Energy Production Drives Down Electricity Bills

Power tariffs fall in Kenya as geothermal production peaks (News Ghana)

Electricity tariffs in Kenya are on a downward path as the East African nation steps up geothermal production.

Production of the cheaper source of electricity peaked at 415 million kilowatts per hour (KWh) in August, the highest ever, latest economic data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) showed Thursday.

The surge happened as the country stepped down production from thermal sources which had risen in the last months due to erratic rainfall.

Geothermal power production has been on the rise since June, according to the KNBS of data. While Kenya produced 415 million KWh in August, this was a  sustained rise from 401 million KWh in July and 376 million KWh in June.

The East African nation injected 280 megawatts of geothermal energy to the national grid, pushing up total installed capacity from from all sources from 1,765 MW in June 2013 to 2,327 MW as at December 2016.

The result is that the region’s biggest economy has not experienced any blackouts or power shortages for over a year since thermal power production was increased.

Geothermal power production contributes about 50 percent of power in the energy mix, while hydro currently stands at 39 percent from a low of 21 percent while thermal has declined to 15 from 32 percent in first six months of the year. Wind power, on the other hand, contributes a paltry 0.4 percent, according to the Energy ministry.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Science & Technology: Geothermal Powered Carbon Capture Plant Operating at Hellisheidi

Climeworks flicks switch on 'world first' atmospheric carbon capture plant (Business Green)

Just months after launching a groundbreaking commercial carbon capture plant in Zurich, Swiss Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) pioneers Climeworks today announced another world first in the form of a facility that will capture carbon dioxide directly from the air and store it underground.

Climeworks has partnered with Reykjavik Energy to open the first working pilot combining direct air capture of carbon dioxide with underground, permanent storage - a system it claims can provide an economically viable and scalable way to prevent dangerous global warming.

Sited at an existing geothermal power plant in Iceland and running as part of the CarbFix2 project, the Climeworks system draws in ambient air, separates out the pure CO2 using a specially designed filter and pipes it more than 700 metres underground, where it reacts with the basaltic bedrock to form solid minerals.

The technology is powered by the clean heat from the Hellisheidi geothermal plant, the company said.

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Photos from Geothermal Energy Event

All the Photos from the 41st GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GeoExpo+

More than 600 photos have been made available by the Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) from the 41st GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GeoExpo+ held from October 1-4 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Philippines: Company Gets More Time to Develop Kalinga Geothermal Power Project

Aragorn Power gets 1-year extension for $300-M Apayao geothermal project (Philstar)

The Philippines Department of Energy (DOE) has granted Aragorn Power and Energy Corp. (APEC), the power unit of Sy-led APC Group Inc., a one-year contract extension for its $300-million geothermal project in Kalinga, Apayao until September 24, 2018.

The project involves the development of steam fields that can generate around 100 MW of new capacity, providing an additional source of clean, indigenous and reliable baseload power to the Luzon grid.

“The surveys for the detailed engineering design of these roads and well pads have been completed. Accordingly, activities such as right-of-way negotiations, supplier bidding and contract preparations related to the road construction and drilling will follow,” APC said.

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From the Global Geothermal News archives:

USA, Utah: Agreement Made to Provide 20 MW Geothermal Energy to University

University of Utah to get half its power from renewable sources under new deal with energy providers (Salt Lake Tribune)

Plan was announced at the Opening Session of the GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GeoExpo+ in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 2.

The University of Utah is preparing to flip the switch on geothermal and solar energy for its Salt Lake City campus.

Under an agreement announced Tuesday, the U. will buy half its total electricity usage from carbon-free providers for the next 25 years, including 20 megawatts of geothermal power from Cyrq Energy and 10 megawatts of solar power from Berkshire Hathaway.

Rocky Mountain Power will deliver the electricity through its network, with the flow of energy expected to begin in late 2018 or early 2019, according to U. Sustainability Office spokeswoman Liz Ivkovich.

USA, California: Wildfires Devastate Communities Near The Geysers

Wildfires Affecting Geothermal Energy Community Near The Geysers

A number of wildfires driven by strong winds and tinder-dry vegetation, have devastated communities in Napa, Sonoma and Solano Counties in Northern California, near The Geysers geothermal field. Our thoughts are with our colleagues in the geothermal energy community who might be affected.

Science & Technology: Techniques in Geothermal Energy Exploration

Plugging in to a volcano: Geothermal power and the science that enables it (Ars Technica)

Scientists’ numerical models and chemistry map geothermal fields, regulate use.

FRP Pipe In A Row, by Aldio Dwi Perkasa. Ulubelu Geothermal Power Plant located in Lampung, Indonesia. Honorable Mention GRC Photo Contest 2017.
Geothermal activity, in 2017, supplies some 17-18 percent of New Zealand's electricity. But there are many places in the world that have volcanoes, and many of them are more active than New Zealand's. In New Zealand, geothermal fields cover sleeping volcanoes, not the restless, ready-to-throw rocks volcanoes. Which raises the obvious question of why the islands' sleeping volcanoes can be tapped so effectively.

Finding out answers raises a couple more general questions: what does it take to have a good geothermal energy supply, and is tapping it really as simple as sticking a pipe in the ground?

For New Zealand and other places around the world, the investment in learning how to sustainably use geothermal fields for power has been well worth it. And, with the Paris Agreement to reduce emissions, current geothermal resources seem more likely to be exploited. But carbon emissions have to drop much more steeply than the reductions agreed to in Paris if we're to reach our climate goals. And that means that learning how to use deep geothermal resources is an excellent long-term proposition.

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Philippines: U.S. Agency Supports 60-100 MW Tayabas Geothermal Power Project

USTDA Connects U.S. Industry to Geothermal Opportunities in The Philippines (News Release)

Work is expected to begin in December 2017 with drilling operations commencing in the second quarter of 2018.
(Courtesy Red Core Geothermal)
The U.S. Trade and Development Agency has awarded a grant to Tayabas Geothermal Power Inc. (TGPI) supporting the development of a 60-100 MW geothermal power project in southeast Luzon, Philippines. The project will help meet the Philippines’ growing energy demand and diversify the country’s energy mix, while creating market access for U.S. industry. TGPI is a private Philippine company established to develop the geothermal project and is wholly owned by the Manila-based Red Core Investment Corp.

TGPI has selected the California-based firm, Layman Energy Associates, Inc. (LEA) as the prime contractor for this study and drilling operations. LEA will manage a consortium of specialized geothermal service companies to support completion of a temperature gradient drilling program to update the resource assessment.  This exploration will provide TGPI with the necessary information to justify future drilling and the development of a geothermal power plant in the area. The feasibility study and resource verification will accelerate the development of the Tayabas geothermal project and create opportunities for U.S. firms in this project and the Philippines’ geothermal sector.

Netherlands: Two Day Geothermal Energy Conference in Amsterdam

5th Global Geothermal Energy Summit

29-30 November, Amsterdam, Netherlands

ACI’s 5th Global Geothermal Energy Summit will take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. With The Dutch government's ambitious plans to have all residential buildings to be off gas in 2050, geothermal energy has an important part to play in this transition. The conference will give the latest updates on the global geothermal energy market and its new developments. Showcasing new techniques and technologies that are paving the way for the sector and expanding the geographical regions where exploration can take place.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

USA, Texas: Abstracts for Geothermal Energy Conference Due Friday

SMU Power Plays Conference (SMU Geothermal Lab)

Abstracts for Geothermal Energy Conference Due October 13, 2017

Power Plays will advance the understanding of geothermal resources, providing you with insights into developing this clean energy reserve. Join others with expertise in field operations, project development, technology, finance, engineering and resource assessment from the geothermal, oil & gas, and renewable energy sectors to explore economic solutions for geothermal energy at the Power Plays: Drilling into Geothermal Energy Applications conference.

Submit an abstract today.

The event includes:
  • Opening Networking Reception and Poster Session, January 10, 2018
  • Conference with oral presentations and panel discussions, January 11, 2018

Russia: Four Day Geothermal Energy Conference in Kamchatka

GEOHEAT International Geothermal Conference (Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations)

From 4 to 7 September 2018, organized by the Research Geotechnological Center of Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russian Federation.

Latin America: At Least 285 MW of Projected Geothermal Energy Capacity Boosted by GDF Awards

1st Call Results for Geothermal Development Facility for Latin America (GDF) (News Release)

The Geothermal Development Facility for Latin America (GDF) is pleased to announce grant awards for the first call of proposals. The results are:

4 Confirmation Drilling grants have been approved for:
  • Colombia
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
4 Surface Studies grants have been approved for:
  • Bolivia
  • Chile
  • Ecuador
  • Guatemala
These awards total an approximate cumulative funding of 22 million EUR from GDF, leveraging up to 1.6 billion EUR in future investments and generating at least 285 MW of projected capacity. Grant Agreement proceedings will begin immediately with approved applicants and the GDF looks forward to a successful round of negotiations. The 2nd round shall begin during the 4th quarter of 2017.

For more information,
Contact: Alan Beard, 703-752-5880 Extension 115

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Belgium: Construction of Balmatt Geothermal Power Plant Begins

Deep geothermal energy in the Kempen: What’s next? (VITO)

First cogeneration plant (combined heat and power) in Benelux

Two years after the start of the exploratory drilling to a depth of 3000 m at the Balmatt site in Mol, the next phase was launched today, the geothermal energy plant. Because there is a future in the Kempen subsoil, that much is certain.

During an academic meeting, the committed Ministers of the Flemish government, Muyters, Schauvliege en Tommelein took the floor, along with partners Atlas Copco, Eandis and IOK. After this, the ministers unveiled a memorial plaque at the Balmatt site, where the first preparations are already underway for a third exploratory drilling. With this drilling, the Flemish institute for technological research (Vito)’s experts want to research the geothermal potential of the earth’s strata dating from the Devonian. Also in the field of innovative drilling, in order to make geothermal energy possible in geologically less suitable areas, VITO will launch a project. To be continued!

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Indonesia: 110 MW Sarulla Geothermal Power Plant Unit II Starts Commercial Operation

Sarulla Geothermal Power Plant Capacity Expands to 220 MW With Second Unit Commencing Commercial Operation (News Release)

(Courtesy Kyushu Electric Power)
Ormat Technologies Inc. today announced that the second unit of the Sarulla geothermal power plant, one of the world's largest power plants, located in Indonesia's North Sumatra, has commenced commercial operation.

The Sarulla power plant includes three units of approximately 110 MW each, utilizing both steam and brine extracted from the geothermal field to increase the power plant’s efficiency. SIL, the first unit of the power plant commenced commercial operation on March 17, 2017 and is performing well. The second unit, NIL 1, completed successfully its testing and commenced COD on October 2, 2017 selling additional 110 MW to the state-owned Indonesian power company PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) under a 30 years Energy Sales Contract. Sarulla power plant is operated by Sarulla Operations Ltd. (SOL). The third unit, NIL 2, is under construction and SOL expects the unit to commence operation in 2018.

SOL is a consortium consists of Medco Energi Internasional Tbk, Inpex Corporation, Itochu Corporation, Kyushu Electric Power Co. Inc., and Ormat subsidiary that hold 12.75% equity interest.

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USA, Utah: Beehive State has Barely Drilled the Surface of its Geothermal Potential

Meeting speakers: Geothermal potential barely touched in Utah (The Enterprise)

"We believe an additional 1,500 MW of electrical energy generation can be produced in Utah” - Gov. Gary Herbert

Pacifi Corp’s 34-megawatt Blundell
geothermal facility near Milford, Utah.
While Utah is ranked third among states in geothermal power generation, speakers at an energy conference last week believe the state has barely drilled the surface of its potential.

Behind only California and Nevada, Utah has three geothermal projects that produce a combined 73 megawatts of electrical power. But attendees at the Geothermal Resources Council annual meeting and Geothermal Energy Association’s expo heard that Utah could generate much more.

“We believe an additional 1,500 megawatts of electrical energy generation can be produced in Utah, and who knows what the future will be with additional technology and advancements on the research?” Gov. Gary Herbert said at the meeting’s opening activities at the Salt Palace Convention Center. “The good news is it’s a continuous, good, clean source of affordable power, which will help us with our baseload needs as we go forward as a country.”

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Iceland: Testing Commences at 90 MW Þeistareykjum Geothermal Power Project

Virkj­un­in prófuð á fullu afli - Power plant is tested at full power (

(Courtesy Helgi Bjarnason)
Próf­an­ir með gufu inn á hverf­il 1 í Þeistareykja­virkj­un hóf­ust 28. sept­em­ber. Vél­in var tengd inn á netið 1. októ­ber og í fyrra­dag fór hún í fyrsta skipti í fullt álag, 45 meg­awött. Í próf­un­um fram­leiðir vél­in orku inn á netið, en ekki sam­fellt. „Próf­an­ir hafa gengið von­um fram­ar,“ seg­ir Val­ur Knúts­son, yf­ir­verk­efn­is­stjóri, í Morg­un­blaðinu í dag.

(Google Translation) Tests of steam driving turbine 1 at Þeistareykjavík began on September 28th. The machine was connected to the grid on October 1st, and has generated electricity for the first time at full load, 45 megawatts. In tests, the machine produces power to the network, but not continuously. 

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USA, California: Ormat Progressing with Casa Diablo IV Geothermal Development Project

Ormat testing geothermal monitoring well near Shady Rest (Sierra Wave)

Crews working for Ormat Nevada, Inc. have started work on a geothermal monitoring well on an existing well pad just south of Shady Rest Park, near Mammoth Lakes.

The Bureau of Land Management Bishop Field Office, in coordination with the Inyo National Forest Mammoth Lakes Ranger District, approved the installation as part of the Groundwater Monitoring and Response Plan for the Casa Diablo IV Geothermal Development Project.